Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swoopo is a SCAM

I was surfing the web lately and I found this entertainment shopping website : . So I read some comments to find out what was swoopo about and after all unsatisfied costumers I am convinced it is a SCAM penny auction.

Here are some comments that I found :

Kevin F.

This is a SCAM. although might be technically legal (i certainly hope not), this site is indecent and exploits consumers with a ruse. The optimal bid strategy is to *NEVER* make a single bid. Once committed to the bidding process, one should theoretically never stop bidding. I sincerely hope some authorities are looking into their business model and find a way to shut them down.

Jordan M.

Swoopo is a SCAM. You never win anything. I spend $200 in bids and did not won anything. They just sell you bids but it is impossible to win any auction because they are controlled by the owner of the site.

1 comment:

  1. I agree completely. Swoopo is just a big SCAM. They have their website in all countries but they sell same products on all of them at the same time over and over again.