Sunday, August 30, 2009

Postng other people text on your blog

I have just started my blog a few days ago and I already got noticed by this annoying blogger named Ezra Nugroho. He wrote a whole article about me, my blog and how I post his text on this blog. Here is his website He even called the article about me : Highlight of the day, I’ve been plagiarized. He is actually proud to be plagiarized. All I have to answer is that I did not choose his article because it was well written or very interested, I just chose it because it was one of the first articles that I found on google and I wanted to fill up my blog a bit with some articles about penny auctions from other bloggers. Here is a message to Ezra : don't get to proud because your article is on someone elses blog, that does not meen nothing.


  1. You completely misunderstand the point that Ezra is trying to make. No one likes to have his/her work to be plagiarized. You copied over everything and didn't give him any credit.

    It's not about pride rather it's about giving credit to someone's time and effort to write the blog.

    I read through all your blogs. I don't see anything that's even close the Ezra's analysis. So before you point out someone else as annoying blogger, look at yourself in the mirror.


  2. ok i see your point. but i did gave him credit as you can see I modified the article with his credits at the end.