Friday, July 2, 2010

Possible Bots on

Has anyone tried bidding on recently launched penny auction (opened June 18th),

It is of our opinion, based on the probability of (Sonik Technologies) having been the developer of the script that runs on, we believe that is running bot (admin/fake bidders) to bid against real paying customers, if this is true Bidit-n-getit needs to stop this as the penny auction community sees shill bidding as theft.

Take a look at some of the users who have won:

* Fat boy57, Slopyboy21, Greenboy55, Granstand44, Myday33, Chepse77, TimTim22,
* The Bilder, Love Child, Butter Ball, Pearl, Willsy, Fight Night, High Life, Hot Box, Fast Track, Ren Ren, Chicken man, Shining Man, Light chick, Slaphappy, King john, Cookie Crook, Bat boy, Iron Maden, Runing girl, Fun Receiver

Do you see any patterns here?

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