Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New penny auction website - Buckbidz will be auctioning an amazing World Tour Vacation Package worth up to $19,000
This vacation will be auctioned somewhere in the middle of October,2009. Don't miss your chance to participate.
Join Now penny auction and get 5 Free bidz, you also get 10 free bids on every bidpack you purchase.
Join now to participate in this amazing "World Tour Vacation Package". It is free to sign up and get 5 free bidz.
This vacation will include Europe, Asia and South America somewhere after New Year. Make yourself a gift.
This auction will start at $0.01. Will it sell for less than a $1000? Discover it yourself.

penny auciton -


  1. i am already registered and can't wait for this auction to start

  2. Any reviews or thoughts on Bidfella auctions? They seem to have quite a nice Dubai holiday on auction right now. UK site though

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog about penny auctions and bidpacks is very interesting.

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